Exceptional standards
in dental technology

Since 1987, Aceram has been the trusted choice for dentists looking for a provider of superior dental laboratory services. All of Aceram’s work is imbued with integrity, creativity and a passion for creating beautiful teeth.

We understand that the standard of our work reflects upon you the dentist. And so, under the leadership of dental restoration specialist Nik Prieston, each of our twelve lab technicians will take whatever time it takes to get the job completely right.

Lab technicians will take whatever time it takes to get the job completely right.

The only time constraint we apply to our technicians is the date of your patient’s appointment – and we are never, ever late. This means that not only will you have your products on time, they will require minimal – and often – zero adjustment by you.

The culmination of our cutting-edge technology, skills, experience and the heritage of our uniquely Australian perspective combine to give you professional standards that are second to none.

We provide expert guidance drawing on our skills, experience & insight so we can help dentists and their patients to achieve an outstanding result.

Leading Edge
Dental Technology


Leading Edge
Dental Technology

Skills + technology + experience =
a better result for your patients

Every job we take on is designed to fit precisely, to be enduring and to be aesthetically and functionally perfect.

Your patient’s comfort and satisfaction is at the heart of every job we do.

You can trust Aceram to deliver a superior result each and every time. Contact us today on (02) 9223 2323 and find out how Aceram will create precise, reliable and enduring restorations for your patients.

Aceram is a preferred laboratory partner for 3 Shape scanner and Noble Biocare™.


We grow our knowledge by attending many continuing professional development seminars and technical presentations

Aceram is a full service laboratory. We create all types or crown and bridge restorations either on natural teeth or implant supported. We always try to layer porcelain so that the colour comes from within, building in nuances that would be otherwise lost in monolithic restorations where the colour is stained onto the surface.

We also offer all removable prosthetics and our hybrid restorations are the best in Sydney.

Aceram is built on Nik’s passion, which I have found to be inspiring. He is at the forefront of his profession and is focused on service and quality.

Dr. Nadine Samir
CBD Dental

The laboratory has been keeping abreast of developments in all aspects of prosthodontics as well as rapid changes within the industry.

Geoffrey Borlase
Specialist Prosthodontist – Sydney

Nik and his team have an innate ability to match the shade of the teeth. Even when I thought it was right, Nik wasn’t happy and persisted until the job was perfect.


The standard of gold, pocelain, titanium and denture work is invariably excellent and always delivered on time.

Dr. Peter Sheridan
Dental Surgeon – Sydney