3Shape D700 CAD

D700 Scanner

3D Scanners: the foundation for digital quality and productivity
The 3Shape D700 Dental Scanner is optimized for 3D scanning of both impression and gypsum models and it surpasses all performance norms for scan speed, precision and detail level. No other dental scanner on the market offers such an extensive range of predefined scan indications.

3Shape’s unique 2-camera and 3-axis motion system

2 cameras with reduced angle enable impressions, deep inlays and full undercuts to be scanned effectively. The 3-axis motion system allows the dental object to be tilted, rotated and translated facilitating scanning from any viewpoint enabling scanning of more than 350 degrees of a sphere. Scan parameters are automatically adjusted to the object’s material for accurate colour capture.

scan dental indications

The market’s most extensive range of scan dental indications

Includes all standard scan indications and in addition impression scanning, post & core, 16-unit bridges, articulated antagonist model, wax-up bridges for copy milling, deep inlays, pre-preparation model, unsectioned model for temporaries, implant position and orientation detection, wax-up customized abutment and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling.

Biomet 3I options

Just some of the Biomet 3I options available

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