Aesthetic Consultations for Patients

We also offer an aesthetic consultation service for patients by referral, at our lab in Sydney’s CBD.

We understand that choosing the right look for each patient is a vitally important decision. We therefore take the time to listen carefully to what each patient is hoping their new smile will be like. This includes identifying their expectations regarding the shape, alignment and colour of the teeth.

We have several resources that can help a patient to define what they are seeking. This includes a full colour picture gallery of natural dentitions that we show each patient, which helps to pinpoint the shape and style they like. We also have samples of ceramic teeth in varying gradations of colour that can assist with colour choice.

We consider the patient’s age, complexion, eye colour and lifestyle in helping to identify the tooth colour that will suit their face.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience, we can guide their choice towards a colour and style that aligns with their expectations – and which will deliver a result they will be delighted with.

We regularly receive feedback from patients letting us know how thrilled they are with their new smile. For many, it is a huge confidence boost to finally have teeth they can be proud of.

Contact us today on (02) 9223 2323 or at to find out more about our aesthetic diagnostic consultation service for patients.

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