Art and science come together at Aceram

There are two aspects to producing fine dental restorations: art and science.

First there is the art. This involves manually applying ceramics to build crowns and veneers that mimic the subtle nuances of light and shade that play on natural teeth. The result is lifelike teeth that appear completely natural, which can greatly enhance a patient’s self esteem and confidence.

Aceram uses Vita and Creation porcelains with great skill and passion. Our ceramists are artists. We understand the interplay of hue, chroma and value in teeth and use our ceramic palettes to recreate beautiful, natural-looking teeth.

And second there is the science. This involves the use of technology to recreate nature’s functional dental form. We are well educated on gnathology and anatomy. We also pride ourselves on our precision with marginal integrity. All crowns are fitted to solid uncut models to confirm perfect contacts. Microscopes of up to 40 times magnification are used consistently to verify marginal integrity. We are also well experienced in traditional crown and bridge milling techniques.

What do we relentlessly pursue? We fuse our highly developed craftsmanship and artistic eye with the capability of state of the art technology to design, create and finesse beautiful teeth.

For over 25 years, we have developed our own techniques, inspired by each other and the ever-changing materials that are available. We’ve amassed our skills by paying minute attention to the detailed characteristics of natural teeth and the intricacies of their function.

Our knowledge in implantology is unsurpassed and as such, Aceram is a preferred laboratory to BIOMET 3I and Nobel BioCare. Aceram has invested heavily in CAD/CAM technology which enables us to create titanium and zirconia abutments and bars using our experience of customising abutments. Nik Prieston is one of the pioneers of custom abutment design, adopting early the UCLA concept.

Contact us today on (02) 9223 2323 or at and find out how Aceram combines art and science to create precise, reliable and long-wearing dental product solutions for your patients.