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Impression Taking

Taking impressions can be a bit of a ‘black art’, you have all been taught techniques and have found a method and material that you are comfortable with, so I won’t go into a step by step guide – I’ll just list some tips that we have learnt over the years.

  • The drier the preparation the more accurate the impression. Using hydrophylic impression materials does not mean you can take an impression of a wet prep and expect to get an accurate impression of it – all that you accomplish is taking an impression of the layer of saliva over the prep!
  • Do not blow air on the light body material – this does nothing but incorporate minute bubbles and saliva into the material. Just let the pressure of the tray full of material push the light body into all the crevices. Every time a certain lecturer hits the circuit and shows this procedure using a Triplex, we spend the next few weeks advising our clients to stop!
  • Don’t push the tray full of impression material too quick or forcefully onto the teeth. You could create a hydrolic vortex which will push material away from the preps.

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      “Nik and his team have an innate ability to match the shade of the teeth. Even when I thought it was right, Nik wasn’t happy and persisted until the job was perfect.”

      B.Eaton – Cronulla