NobelProcera™ Conoscopic Holography Laser CAD

The NobelProcera Scanner: leading innovation in CAD/CAM dentistry

NobelProcera Scanner

NobelProcera introduces the next generation of optical scanners for CAD/CAM dentistry, featuring unique and patented scanning technology – conoscopic holography – for highly precise data acquisition.

The proprietary conoscopic holography technology enables the production of the widest range of products available on the market.

Conoscopic holography: leading-edge technology

Conoscopic holography is an advanced scanning technology capable of capturing the shape of complex objects with extraordinary precision. In contrast to other optical scanning techniques like triangulation, this new technology projects and reflects light beams from a scanned object across the same linear pathway. This co-linearity measures steep angles and deep cavities for precision scanning.

Conoscopic holography

1. Measured pattern on the director, 2. Polarizer, 3. Conoscopic crystal, 4. Polarizer, 5. Laser, 6. Object, 7. Measured object

A. Reflected light, B. Transmitted

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