Free Access to NobelGuide™

Aceram has invested in NobelGuide software to enable accurate planning for implant work.

How it works is that your patient’s CT scans are married up with scans taken of the proposed implant model. This information is then sent to Nobel Biocare™, from which a treatment guide is prepared. The treatment guide indicates precisely where incisions will need to be made in your patient’s mouth to install the implant.

And because you do not need to cut away the gum to determine where to drill, healing time is faster and your patient’s discomfort is substantially reduced.

To assist you, one of our expert dental technicians will visit your practice to help plan the treatment. They will load the patient’s data onto a laptop computer, and bring it to you so that you can identify exactly where the implant will be placed.

Aceram offers you access to our NobelGuide software, free of charge.


NobelGuide is a powerful, versatile system that is easy and intuitive to use. With NobelGuide, all important decisions may be considered prior to surgery.

What’s more, as an innovation leader in implant and digital dentistry, Nobel Biocare is a pioneer in the dental industry. With NobelGuide, you can leverage this powerful technology to enhance your business, dental practice, and treatment strategies.

NobelGuide includes drill guides for the surgical template and provides a guided implant mount that is compatible with the implant system. Nobel Biocare implants can be planned and placed for all indications – from single units to edentulous cases. Planning begins from a prosthetic requirement perspective. This meets today’s needs for modern treatment practices and innovative materials.

NobelGuide gives a full range of loading approaches: immediate loading, early loading, or delayed loading.

A clear understanding of the anatomical and prosthetic characteristics of the case is gained through thorough diagnostics, and as a result the surgical intervention can be well prepared and documented. The success of the future prosthetic reconstruction is ensured.

In many cases, patients have questions regarding a surgical procedure. With NobelGuide, dentists can demonstrate pre-surgery considerations, so patients are better informed and more confident.

Diagnostic Tooth Setup

A diagnostic tooth setup is produced, clinically validated and transformed into a radiographic guide as prosthetic reference

Double Scan Protocol

A double-scan protocol of the patient and the radiographic guide is made using (CB) CT scanners. The scans are fused by the NobelGuide software.

Implant Locations

By combining the tooth setup and the patient’s anatomy, implant locations are defined according to clinical, anatomical and prosthetic needs.

Surgical Template

After planning, a customised, ready-to-use surgical template is automatically designed and centrally produced by Nobel Biocare

Safe and Predictable

The surgical template enables safe and predictable minimally invasive surgery for all indications


Using the surgical template, the dental technician is able to prefabricate a stone model with implant replicas in place. Based on this model, provisionals can be prepared prior to surgery


The NobelGuide workflow ensures that implants are placed in accordance with prosthetic needs.

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