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Aceram has a strong history of investing in the latest in dental technology to ensure that the quality and efficiency of our implant work is second to none. Aceram is a preferred Nobel Biocare and Biomet 3i lab.

Here we describe the state of the art technology we use in our work:

The new world of CAD/CAM dentistry


NobelProcera is transforming dental prosthetics with leading-edge computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology.

NobelProcera Scanner

We can now offer customers and patients an event wider range of dental restorations and solutions. From the first examination to the final fitting, NobelProcera offers an integrated set of technologies and a seamless, automated industrialised manufacturing process – from conoscopic holography and the latest 3D prosthetic software to highly advanced production facilities.

Combined, these technologies create exceptionally precise, strong and biocompatible dental prosthetics for all indications.

NobelProcera’s extensive portfolio of products and materials offers dental professionals a comprehensive range of solutions for all indications.

NobelProcera solutions include abutments, crowns, bridges, implant bridges and implant bars on both natural teeth and implants. All solutions deliver excellent functionality, strength and aesthetic results.

NobelProcera Screw-retained

NobelProcera cement-retained bridge on CAD designed abutments

NobelProcera offers a complete range of crowns and bridges for cement-retained restorations on natural teeth and abutments.

All NobelProcera prosthetics are individually designed with the leading-edge NobelProcera 3D design software according to patient needs. These solutions deliver excellent precision of fit and aesthetics and they can effectively mask underlying tooth discoloration.

NobelProcera offers screw-retained solutions for single and multiple-unit restorations, such as abutments, screw-retained implant bridges and implant overdenture bars.

NobelProcera all-ceramic and cost-efficient metal solutions are highly biocompatible. They are not corrosive and do not cause allergic reactions.


The NobelProcera portfolio

Crown Sub Structures
Customised dental prosthetics for all indications

Each individual framework is expertly manufactured for superb strength, excellent aesthetics and precision of fit. NobelProcera’s superior materials selection promotes excellent soft tissue integration.


NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment

The strong and biocompatible NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment is available for both cement and screw-retained restorations and is suitable for all indications. The individualized abutment design results in superior aesthetics and is available in four shades (white, light, medium and intense).

NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment is compatible with Nobel Biocare implants as well as other major implant systems.

NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment

NobelProcera Titanium Abutment

The exceptionally strong NobelProcera Titanium Abutment is suitable for all indications and the individualized abutment design results in superior aesthetics. The abutment is milled from a solid monobloc and by means of five-axis milling resulting in unlimited emergence profile design.

NobelProcera Titanium Abutment is compatible with Nobel Biocare implants as well as other major implant systems.

Titanium Abutment

NobelProceraTitanium and Zirconia Implant Bridge

These are fixed solutions for all indications from 2 to 14 units. They can be designed to be implant or abutment level and are available for Nobel Biocare and other major implant systems. The zirconia comes in the available four shades.


Multi Unit Implany BridgeImplant Bridge

NobelProceraTitanium Implant Overdenture Bar

The NobelProcera Overdenture Bar can be designed to be abutment or implant level for all major implant systems. They are milled from a solid monobloc of titanium and are extremely strong and have a passive fit.

Overdenture Bar

Tooth supported restorations

Single unit copings and bridge frameworks are available in titanium, zirconia and Telio acrylic. Both zirconia and titanium can be supplied as thin as 0.4 mm and can be individually designed for optimal veneering porcelain support. Bridges are available for 2 to 14 unit spans.

The Telio CAD is an Ivoclar material and we design full anatomical crowns and bridges for temporary restorations. The acrylic is milled from a single monobloc as is exceptionally strong and is available in six different shades.

Titanium Bridge frameworkTitanium Bridge framework 2


Zirconia Bridge FrameworkZironia Bridge Framework 2


Telio CADTelio CAD 2

Telio CAD



NobelProcera products on teeth and implants are guaranteed for five years.

The NobelProcera Product Warranty covers NobelProcera products and does not include any additional costs.

All NobelProcera frameworks and copings are covered against breakage and defect, and NobelProcera provides certificates of material authenticity.

Guaranteed quality

Nobel Biocare offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all NobelProcera products (excluding acrylic temporary restorations). The homogeneity of materials and industrial fabrication processes guarantee high product quality with precision fit and excellent finish for long-term clinical performance and patient satisfaction.

Material purity

NobelProcera provides certificates of material authenticity to dental laboratories on all frameworks and copings. These authenticity certificates underpin Nobel Biocare’s and NobelProcera’s dedication to providing dental professionals with homogeneous materials and proven alloys that meet patient demands for aesthetics and functionality.


The Encode® Impression System

No Impression Copings Needed

The Encode Impression System allows doctors to restore implants without the use of impression copings. The clinician simply makes a supragingival impression of the Encode Healing Abutment, sends it to the laboratory and in return, receives a patient specific abutment and crown ready for cementation. With the Encode Impression System, all that is needed for you to receive a patient specific abutment and final restoration are:

An Impression Of The Encode Healing Abutment And The Opposing Arch

A Bite Registration

Shade Selection

Special codes embedded on the occlusal surface of the Encode Healing Abutment are captured in the Encode Cast that is poured by the dental laboratory and sent to BIOMET 3i. These codes provide the essential information (implant depth, hex-orientation, platform diameter and Certain® Internal Connection or External Connection interface) for placement of the implant analog in the master cast robotically (Robocast) and to design and mill the final abutment. Increasing productivity has never been easier than with the Encode Impression System.


Abutment Impression

Impression Of An Encode Healing Abutment

Encode Impression

Master Cast Poured From An Encode Impression

Encode Healing Abutment

Encode Healing Abutment

Restoring dental implants has been simplified with the Encode Impression System, where the clinician, the laboratory and BIOMET 3i come together to provide the patient with a custom aesthetic restoration. No need to order and store components because the system eliminates the need for impression copings. Working above the gingival without inserting and removing components spares the soft tissue from unnecessary trauma. As a result, soft tissue levels may be preserved and bone remodelling may be potentially minimized.

This BIOMET 3i Innovation includes robotic placement of implant analogs into the master cast utilizing a process called Robocast Technology.

Expanded Restorative Options

Robotic Placement Of Implant Analog

Robotic Placement

Robotic Placement Of Implant Analog


Robocast Technology positions the implant analog into the cast and creates a patient specific contour in the stone to accommodate the anatomic design of the definitive abutment.

The lab then designs an anatomic patient specific abutment with the appropriate margin height and natural emergence contours with consideration of the surrounding gingival architecture and dental structures. Final abutments are available in zirconia, titanium and titanium with gold nitride coating.

Gold-coloured Titanium Nitride Coating

Gold-coloured Titanium Nitride Coating



A Patient Specific Fit

The following Clinical Case Presentation demonstrates a 58-year-old female patient who presented with a hopeless maxillary right lateral incisor.

Introducing CAM StructSURE®Precision Milled Bars

Hybrid restorations have rapidly become the treatment of choice for edentulous patients. Not only are they aesthetic, comfortable and much cheaper to produce than porcelain restorations but they are easily retrievable and repairable.

CAD/CAM Patient Specific Restorations® are the future of restorative dentistry and BIOMET 3i’s ARCHITECH PSR® Family Of Products is leading the way with these precision milled Bars. This leading-edge technology advances superstructures by offering simpler restorative procedures for overdenture and fixed hybrid prostheses. With precision difficult to match with conventional laboratory techniques, a CAM StructSURE Precision Milled Bar is a one-piece milled titanium alloy structure with a passive fit. This eliminates the potential for weakness that may be caused by casting, soldering or laser welded joints. It also eliminates the gold cost which could save you up to $4000 in lab bills per case! The result is a more durable, passive restoration completed at a considerably reduced price.

Contact us today on (02) 9223 2323 or at and find out how Aceram will create precise, reliable and long-wearing dental product solutions for your patients.

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