Crowns and Bridges

Aceram specialises in traditional crowns and bridges. We are skilled at creating beautiful and highly functional restorations using zirconia and gold.

It takes a skilled ceramist many years to become fully familiar with all of the characteristics of porcelain, including how it reacts with light to reflect and refract its colour. We have been using Vita VM 13 for our PFMs since its introduction and have completed courses with the renowned ceramist Claude Seiber. For our zirconia crowns we use Willi Geller’s Creation Porcelain. We have also completed courses with Willi Geller himself, and therefore know exactly how to work the porcelain to meet our needs.

We not only fuse porcelain to gold and zirconia, but we also fuse it with our craftsmanship and artistry to achieve the ultimate in crowns and bridges.


We only use high gold content alloys and our copings are waxed under microscopes for high precision marginal fit. We use the latest in casting techniques: our casting machine (Heracast iQ) uses induction for heat, and air pressure and vacuum to create porous-free castings.


With access to our CAD technology on site, we are able to customise zirconia copings to achieve maximum strength. For example, on posteriors we design our copings with extra large lingual and interproximal collars to provide extra strength against fracture, and wider occlusal platforms to support the layering porcelain more adequately. Most labs do not do this as it easier just to use copings of equal thickness all round and therefore they create weak spots in the coping and uneven layering porcelain. In anteriors we thin the zirconia to minimum thickness in non loaded areas to create maximum aesthetic appeal. We do this for example, on the labial, and will often create a thicker lingual and extend the incisal in zirconia for maximum strength.

We have perfected our zirconia bridge design to provide maximum strength. The connector is brought to the occlusal surface with large lingual collars merging interproximally to give ultimate support.


Our veneers are made using refractory models instead of pressing, to provide the ultimate in aesthetic appeal. The refractory models allow us to layer porcelain so that the colour comes from within, building in nuances that would be otherwise lost in pressed veneers where the colour is stained onto the surface.

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      “Nik and his team have an innate ability to match the shade of the teeth. Even when I thought it was right, Nik wasn’t happy and persisted until the job was perfect.”

      B.Eaton – Cronulla