Implants with Bars and Hybrids

Case 0029

Finished in pieces

Finished in the lab

Finished in the lab


In this case we used a hybrid (acrylic teeth on a titanium substructure) on three implants restoring five teeth on the left side and traditional porcelain fused to gold crowns on the right. We saved the patient a lot of money with this option and the result was outstanding. The patient insisted on retaining her gap between her front teeth.

Case 0019

View from underneath

On the model

A typical hybrid restoration. This type of restoration for the patient with no teeth has become extremely cost effective with the evolution of CAD/CAM technology. Hybrids consist of a CAD designed and CAM milled titanium bar with acrylic teeth bonded to it with pink acrylic. We make titanium bars for $330 per implant unit with the total finished typical 4 implant Hybrid costing $3500 completed including using Phonares teeth which are the most expensive teeth available!

Case 0007

The bar in situ

From the labial

Underneath the overdenture showing the Locator attachments

The overdenture with staining for that naturally aged look…

Removeableoverdenture on Procera CAD/CAM bar with three locators. The bars are designed at Aceram and milled in Tokyo and Sweden. Hybrids are our preferred treatment plan but sometimeswe need the bulk of denture to provide lip support. Notice the staining of the denture teeth to provide a more natural aesthetic.


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      “The standard of gold, pocelain, titanium and denture work is invariably excellent and always delivered on time”

      Dr Peter Sheridan
      Dental Surgeon – Sydney