Implants and Zirconia

Case 0028


With Zirconia Abutment in place


Zirconia crown on a zirconia abutment over implant. We got this one right the first time!

Case 0027


The centrals before extraction

Ovoid temporaries designed to guide the gums while healing

Finished with excellent papillae

A zirconia bridge on titanium abutments on implants in the lateral positions. For this case we used a laboratory made provisional to contour the extraction sites of the centrals, so that we can maintain the interproximal papillae (pink triangular gum between teeth) – which is often a casualty in these situations. Using this technique and special impression procedures we were able to retain all three papillae.

Case 0026

With Temporaries


Zirconia layered crown on the left central and a zirconia layered crown over a titanium abutment on an implant for the right central.

Case 0004

Pre treatment

Zirconia bridge with pink porcelain

The zirconia bridge in situ and close up

The smile

Screw retained,one piece, direct to fixture zirconia bridge from 22 to 12. Screw access holes are on the lingual of the laterals. Notice the depth of colour that we can achieve with zirconia porcelain.

Case 0003

Titanium abutments, notice the angulation and how we’ve moved the post over to be in the right place for the bridge

Zirconia bridge and titanium abutments

The bridge and abutments fitted to model

Zirconia bridge cemented to titanium abutments. Including pink porcelain to compensate for missing gum and bone eminence. This was done to make the teeth look normal in length. Notice the use of three different coloured pinks to create depth. A screw retained bridge was the preferred option but the angle of the implants prohibited this. The zirconia is opaceous enough to mask the titanium and zirconia abutments would not have been strong enough.


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      “The standard of gold, pocelain, titanium and denture work is invariably excellent and always delivered on time”

      Dr Peter Sheridan
      Dental Surgeon – Sydney