Implants and Porcelain Fused to Gold

Case 0025

The implant sites


Screw retained Porcelain Fused to metal one piece bridge on two implants. If only we could replace the rest of the old dodgy crowns!

Case 0024

Before, with a denture!


The right central was restored with a Porcelain fused to metal crown on a titanium abutment over an implant.

Case 0023

The provisional



Upper right central is a porcelain fused to gold crown on a titanium abutment over an implant.

Case 0005

In situ and close up

The smile

Titanium abutment with PFM crown at upper right lateral. Notice retained interproximal papillae and nice colour adaption.

Case 0020

with healing abutments

At cementation day

The two centrals are porcelain fused to gold over titanium abutments on implants. These photos were taken at cementation but even so we still have nice papillae and no black lines around the margins.


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      “The laboratory has been keeping abreast of developments in all aspects of prosthodontics as well as rapid changes within the industry.

      Geoffrey Borlase
      Specialist Prosthodontist – Sydney