Case 0021

The implant sites

Screw retained temporary (what Omega calls a permanent!)

The lower Hybrid

Finished in the lab

Almost fitted

The upper from the lingual

Fitting the e.max crowns

e.max crowns fitted from the lingual

The Hybrid lower from the lingual

How do I look dear?

Upper Procera zirconia frameworks screwed direct to fixture with cemented e.max crowns and a lower hybrid on Procera titanium bar. Restorations do not get much more complex. There are always plenty of considerations that come into play with a job like this and there is no teacher like experience. You can rely on the team at Aceram to deliver a trouble free restoration with a smooth running process.


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      “Aceram is built on Nik’s passion, which I have found to be inspiring. He is at the forefront of his profession and is focused on service and quality.”

      Dr Nadine Samir
      CBD Dental