Case 0011


The zirconia abutments on the left bicuspids

CAD designed, Biomet 3i CAM, Zirconia abutments replacing all the bicuspids. Scanned and designed at Aceram and milled in Miami. Implants placed by the esteemed virtuoso Kevin Todes.

The prepared teeth.

Great transition of the gum with the implants even at cementation

A side view

The final cemented restoration

e.max! The latest, greatest porcelain available and my God it looks so good. This case is 12 e.max layered crowns, including 4 e.max crowns, on custom, CAD designed, Biomet 3i CAM, Zirconia implant abutments replacing all the bicuspids. These photos were taken on issue day so forgive the lumpy gums but you can still see amazing optics coming into play: e.max is taking over as the material of choice for high aesthetics.

The patient is a 60 yr old male who insisted on keeping his diastema.


  • Testimonials

      “Nik and his team have an innate ability to match the shade of the teeth. Even when I thought it was right, Nik wasn’t happy and persisted until the job was perfect.”

      B.Eaton – Cronulla