Case 0010

The healing abutments and four teeth before extraction

The abutments

The completed restoration

The completed restoration on model

Note the extreme emergence profile that we needed to create

The beautiful natural ceramics

A lingual view – notice that there is no screw holes or overcontoured areas and how natural the restoration would feel to the patient

The labial view

Does anterior ceramics get any better than this!

– Full upper arch reconstruction on eight implants. Two cement (Tempbond)retained porcelain fused to gold bridges on titanium CAD/CAM abutments designed at Aceram. This was a great result with no mechanical devices on show. The teeth have a natural emergence profile so they look real and feel like teeth. Great effort was placed in achieving natural ceramics with natural colour characterization and appropriate shape and contours suiting the patient perfectly. There are many idiosyncrasies and optical tricks that have been utilized so what looks ‘normal’ actually needs much preparation work requiring the whole dental team to work together.

Achieving a result like this requires a lot of experience and skill and we have oodles of it at Aceram!


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      “The standard of gold, pocelain, titanium and denture work is invariably excellent and always delivered on time”

      Dr Peter Sheridan
      Dental Surgeon – Sydney