Case 0003

Titanium abutments, notice the angulation and how we’ve moved the post over to be in the right place for the bridge

Zirconia bridge and titanium abutments

The bridge and abutments fitted to model

Zirconia bridge cemented to titanium abutments. Including pink porcelain to compensate for missing gum and bone eminence. This was done to make the teeth look normal in length. Notice the use of three different coloured pinks to create depth. A screw retained bridge was the preferred option but the angle of the implants prohibited this. The zirconia is opaceous enough to mask the titanium and zirconia abutments would not have been strong enough.


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      “The laboratory has been keeping abreast of developments in all aspects of prosthodontics as well as rapid changes within the industry.

      Geoffrey Borlase
      Specialist Prosthodontist – Sydney